Stay in shape


Anyone who wants to improve in their sports, increase their fitness or simply try out strength training now has the opportunity to train in our new fitness room with or without a personal trainer. Fitness coach Robin from “FITR” has the right workout for every sport in the fitness room or in the great outdoors. Various fitness packages can be booked as additional services.


“Starter” package: 1 unit, including 1 x protein bar, 1 x carbohydrate bar – price €75.00
“Hobby” package: 2 units, including 2 x energy bars, 2 x carbohydrate bars, 2 x protein shake – price € 135.00
“Fitness Holiday” package: 4 units, including 4 x energy bars, 4 x carbohydrate bars, 4 x protein powder, 1 x shaker – price €235.00

Each unit lasts approximately 1.5 hours. You can choose your preferred flavors for the bars and shakes.

General training program:

  • Total body workout! General whole body training to strengthen the muscles from head to toe.
  • Recovery training! Supports the process of muscle regeneration through light and adapted training.

Summer training program:

  • Mountaineering training! Makes your backpack lighter and the peaks higher. Trains key muscles for carrying heavy backpacks and walking on steep terrain.
  • Climbing training! Trains the essential muscles for climbers who want to climb to the next level. Helps you to be able to hold on to even the smallest holds and thus increase your personal level of difficulty.
  • Trail running training! Stabilizes the joints for the rocky and rooty trails off-road. Trail running requires more than just endurance, it also requires supporting muscles so that you can move on any terrain.
  • Mountain bike training! Strengthens leg muscles and endurance performance to save battery power and achieve the goal with just one battery charge. The stronger your legs are, the bigger goals are achievable!

Winter training program:

  • Ski training! Anyone who has a certain basic strength and good body tension can master the exercises in the ski course better. Makes the ski course easier by increasing strength.
  • Ski touring training! To enjoy the descent in deep snow even after a long climb. Strengthening the special strength endurance when ski touring so that the descent can follow safely and with friends.
  • Cross country training! Cross-country skiing is a whole-body sport, so you should train accordingly - > with strength training for the upper and lower body. Improves lap time through increased stick use and leg push.